My name is Logan Conners I am the founder of LolasLuv. LolasLuv has the mission of donating 10% of all profits to the Epilepsy Foundation of America. Epilepsy has been one of the biggest battles that I have had to face since I was six years old and still today. My goal for LolasLuv is to spread awareness, but to also spread love to those around me. There is meaning behind each product designed and distributed.

"SelfLuv" is stitched in the corner of each of our products to recognize the importance of loving yourself. It is very important to remember your worth and your beauty inside and out no matter what challenges you have been through don't forget to keep loving who you are. My brand LolasLuv represents me, and who I am as a person. I wanted to make a clothing brand that is great for all ages and can be worn with meaning as well. 

I am thankful that I have the opportunity to share my story to you and hopefully help one person know that you're not alone.